Abinasia Curaii Dreaming

Poupee Jubie

She now sports the short hair look. It was time to change, and the discount campaign for hairdo lasts till the 15th.
Abinasia Ayden woobies

Abinasia - concept sketch

Working on the Abinasia printbook idea thing for my future IS at Wooster. Long story short, I am in the process of redesigning some old and some side characters. I've been thinking long and hard about adapting Kageichi Jinn's personae, but I would like to keep the Second Life verse/story seperate from Abinasia: Collapsing Reverie. I will still note the credit for the initial design to J.Nottage, but changing his name, purpose and design to fit to Ayden and the Collapsing Reverie storyline.

Jinnu Kagai, Silver fox spirit wanderer. fast minimal colors pixel sketch.